····· History

China International Advertising Festival (CIAF), approved by State Administration for Industry& Commerce of the PRC and organized by China Advertising Association, originated from 1982. It was originally known as “Excellent Advertising of China”, and later renamed as “Advertising Festival of China” since its seventh session in 2000. It has become what it is currently known since its fifteenth session in 2008. With the first session held in Beijing, the CIAF has so far witnessed its nationwide presence in nearly 20 cities.  


····· Positioning

· A large-scaled and influential grandiose gathering with high degree of authority and professionalism in advertising circle 

· A rewarding platform that offers efficient communication between advertisers, media, companies and academic as well as the educational circles

· Spacious room for breeding, developing and promulgating new idea, concept together with method

· A mirror to reflect the development in China’s advertising industry, a window for China’s advertising industry to exchange views with its global counterparts.

····· Influence

China International Advertising Festival, an authoritative, professional, up-scaled and influential feast in the advertising industry of China, is a perfect combination of professional awards assessment, media exhibition, equipment exhibition, commercial communication as well as summit and forum and it offers a more specialized platform of exchange that enable itself to show the industrial development status, upgrade the industry-wide quality, fathom industrial deeply-rooted issues and guide the industrial sustainable development.

 As a number of excellent works from the top-level advertising contests such as CANNES LIONS, ADFEST and ONE SHOW begin to make their presence and the world-famous enterprise leadership, media big-shots and advertising masters become the frequent visitors to the hall and booth of the CIAF with their names in the speech-giver list, a stronger sense of involvement for the CIAF has emerged among multinational advertising conglomerates in forms of active participation for the contests, exhibitions and workshops. The CIAF, professional, comprehensive and representative as it is, is regarded as the most effective shortcut for the international advertising players to learn the Chinese advertising market and a preferred promotional and exhibition channel for many global events, thus successfully enhancing the cooperation between China’s advertising players and their global counterparts.      

····· Attendants

· Renowned advertising companies home and abroad

· Well-established media in China

· Large advertiser enterprises in China 

· Development and administration departments and organizations for advertising industry

· Faculty and students of higher-learning institutes majoring in advertising, design, marketing and media 

· Fans of advertising 

· Advertising equipment, apparatus, material suppliers

· Financial service institutes

· The CIAF annually attracts the registration of more than 3,000 advertising professionals and the presence of 100,000 people with relevant backgrounds.